Monday, November 3, 2008

Mea Culpa

I got an email today.. forwarded. Friend of a friend’s planning a trip to chiang mai to do some community service sorta stuff...

Now, I’m never one to be involved in such stuff, perhaps it’s because I never ran into any opportunities, or perhaps I have just never opened my eyes and heart to look for such opportunities..

So anyway, this short project revolves around building a pavement/road for the orphanage, Care Corner Orphanage.. of course, they’ll be other activities too during the 7 day period, like teaching and organizing activities for the children..

I’m not sure why but this somehow appeals to me quite abit and I’d really want to go. It’s something that I’ve never done before and I guess, after all the lectures from Michael Heng, it did burn the question of ‘How many lives have you changed?’ into my mind.. I guess I’m tired of just pledging to missions.. maybe it’s time I got out and did something worthwhile with my life.

With that said, it’s gonna cost $800 for the entire 7 days which is the only drawback that I’m facing, so it’s days like these that I wonder what would happen if I had better grades and did get through with my scholarship application.. and whether life would be any different from how it is now..

"Every day we make choices, and every night we must sleep with the consequences of those choices.."


Anonymous said...

Go for Mission trip!! =) Then you can proudly quote Chan Brothers' tagline "Life will never be the same again"... - Beepo =)

kaiqi said...

I think u have made differences in others' lives without knowing it. =)