Friday, November 21, 2008

The Wish List

Okie, since it’s the happy season again and ppl have been asking.. I thot I might as well throw up a wish list. This is quite new really.. for one I’m never to really explicitly come up with a list of things I want.. but I have to say it’s quite fun. In time I’ll probably turn it into a Bucket List. =)

So in a bit to make it more noticeable.. I’m adding a new column to the layout on the right.. -->


ArkAngel said...

Haha. yeah of course must chill out somewhere. battlefield 2? haha.

and a lot of your wishlist stuff is kinda *koff* hard to acquire.. esp that 1:25000 map... you have to get permission to own one right? haha

patched-up said...

nah.. the Mapping Unit sells it; I checked. Just that must go down, and must pay by cheque which I do not have, so it's quite a bother.

It's a priority actually, so maybe I should push it higher up on the list. heh..

ArkAngel said...

Ahhh... for you to find your ranger CP? haha

patched-up said...

no la.. why would I want to do that right? =P

perhaps just to take a stroll, and see where i land up..