Monday, November 24, 2008


The end’s in sight finally.. just one more uphill battle and I’ll be done! I think after 6 months of AI, I might have forgotten how to study.. then again, did I ever know how to? hmm…

A few things intrigue me while I’m writing this post:

1. I can’t seem to find a good Latin translator on the web. You’d think that google would have one, but it doesn’t do Latin.. can’t seem to find a good solid one.

2. I think I finally understand why and how ppl keep a wishlist on their blogs.. it’s so darn addictive and fun, not to mention therapeutic too.. and the thing is, the list seem to keep growing!

3. How an old game like Worms 2, can still bring so much fun.. unbelievable. It seems that the older games, like Starcraft for example, have a better product life-cycle then the newer ones which I get bored of easily.. then again, maybe it's a ploy to get u to buy more stuff.

Power Overwhelming..

4. Why didn’t I use Google Analytics earlier.. instead of relying on to observe user traffic to my blog (yes, I’m watching you!), Google Analytics does a MUCH better job. You get everything you need to know, very in-depth, and best of all.. it’s FREE!

5. Google makes an AWESOME homepage to start with, but wait till u try Google Hacker.. geeky-fun makeover for the lovely, familiar search engine.

6. How so many, so many songs actually have the same chord progression. Ya, I know u knew that already.. but check out this youtube video (or download the song here; Norwegian Recycling – How Six Songs Collide).. talk about mashing things up.. musicians are all lazy.. heh. I borrow urs, u use mine.. =P

7. It seems that the amount of posts that I blog in a month has a direct relationship with the workload and busy-ness level that I experience.. hah.

8. How, what intended to be a really short post, turned out to be so looong.. goodness me. Right, back to work now.. … but maybe a nap first.

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ArkAngel said...

I use this one!