Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Measure of a Great Man

An hour ago, history was made.. For the first time in history (no, not in hollywood's), a Black Man's gonna be in the White House..

What stirs me though, is not how the whole voting process turned out, or what speech the new president made and what topics he mentioned, but instead, it was Senator McCain's concession speech that showed me what a man he was..

Have you heard it? If you haven't, perhaps you should. Despite all the 'wrongs' that the countless critics have mentioned about how he ran his campaign, his little speech that summed up the past 21 months of his work, showed to me what a leader does and how a leader truely reacts. To a certain degree, I feel as if I've wronged him..

To have that visionary goal, and to align people to it, that's what a leader ought to do. And even in his defeat, he remained true to it, calling on his fellow supporters to not just congratulate the new president, but to work with him.

To me, it's not how well you can speak, or what you do, but it's these small cues that you make that defines who you are, and That is the ultimately yardstick used against the measure of a man's greatness.

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