Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Greatness in Him

How does one prepare himself for such a daunting task as this.. How did the great men whom history books have been built upon do it? Were they any different from me? Were they also not mere humans too?

As the start approaches, i can't help but begin to doubt in my own abilities and give in to all the what-if scenarios that are playing in my mind.. It's a battle i'm fighting, cos i know and recognise that i'm answering to a greater calling by being here.. But yet, a portion of me still relies on my own strength to accomplish my given tasks.. A portion of me tries to achieve the goals on my own accord, thinking that i am THAT good..

Dear LORD, as i embark on yet another tour of duty such as this, i pray you guide me in your wisdom.. It truly is a second chance at it all over again, and i thank you for it.. May i never rely on my own earthly abilities, but instead lean on and put my trust in your promises.. May everything i do not fall short of the completeness and wholeness that u have intended it to be, and may i continue to be a light that will shine for you. Help me touch the lives of these 82 here with me.. May i be an inspiration to follow, a light to direct and mentor to guide..

Help me be all that u have intended for me to be.. Not for mine, but for Your honour and glory. Amen.

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