Saturday, February 27, 2010

Greetings from khao meng..

Saying hi from khao meng.. One helluva walk yesterday and one heck of a fight this morning..

Some things still stay the same.. The same feeling while walking, the same pain in ur neck and shoulder and the same ache from kneeling.. But yet, some things have changed too..

The purpose seems different, the point of view feels different, the experience seems to have changed therefore because of it..

Which is not a bad thing.. As i strongly believe that it's all happening for a reason, and what ever's going on here is not happening by chance. Not at all.. So in a way, there's that tinge of excitement in the air as i anticipate greater things to happen.. =)

For His honour and glory..

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ArkAngel said...

I like the last sentence in this entry haha