Monday, February 22, 2010


It's a mixture of anticipation, excitement, sadness, loneliness and everything else all mashed up into one.. In a way, i thank God i'm kept busy up to my ears since i reached the air port. It keeps the loneliness at bay..

I pray that do nothing short of my best this trip, God willing. And that i remind myself constantly why i'm there for and what i'm doing. That i'll be reminded of the greater good that He has planned for me.. And that i'll just need to trust and follow thru..

I pray i don't disappoint U.. Pls take care of everyone that i hold dear to my heart.. I commit them to you and leave them in ur care..


Gabriel Wu said...

oh, where are you now? there for an exercise??

patched-up said...

Yo.. In thailand.. Yup. Training exercise.. Ha. =) how's u?