Sunday, February 7, 2010

Update 070210

Pardon the boring title.. I really can’t think of a good one now..

So anyway, some have told me that my blog’s been dead and ppl have been bugging me to update it. Lo and behold, the first post after such a long time came with the sad news about hamlette.. my heart’s still sore abt it.

This past week has been quite eventful. It’s a whole mixed up jumble of events.. both in and out of work.. this week, the line’s quite greyed out.. kinda hard to differentiate work from play with all the cohesion ra-ra activities..

Don’t really have much to comment about the company’s cohesion day, likewise for the bn’s one.. more like I ‘shouldn’t’ be commenting about them.. like I said, I’m not sure where to draw the line between work and play this past week.. and blogging abt work doesn’t seem quite the right thing to do..

Anyway, it’s been quite a ball of a time with the boys.. crazy stuff that I’ve never done in 26 yrs of my life and perhaps stuff that I’ll NEVER do again.. but all in the name of fun. Did some shopping with some of them too.. great warehouse sale. =)

Well, like I said, I don’t quite know how to name this post, and honestly, I’m not sure what this post is about right now.. perhaps just a part of me that wants to write, but I’m not sure what, why and how I should be doing it.. darn.

the wonderful 15 that I’ve spent the past 2 days with and 32 more to come..

coincidence? Nah.. FATED. Haha..

insert some interesting comment here about the long queue at chinatown for the bah kwa..

alvin’s Happy Food.. =)

Totally random post.. I know. If you actually read up till here.. thanks. I’ll buy u a coffee some time. =)

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SheEp said...

I'll take you up on that coffee! ;) Dan will be back in April. Will arrange something. And I still want my coffee! :P