Sunday, February 14, 2010

*silent screams*

I've just spent the last 14 hours trying to tweak my computer, with nothing much of a break except for our dinner.. Which was really good.. But anyway..

So the story goes that i haven't been seeing my full download speed that i'm paying for on my desktop for quite a while.. It's weird cos i really thot it was a singnet thing.. Heck, i even called to complain..

Long story short, i eventually narrowed it down to my own desktop being the problem.. It couldn't be singnet, cos the wired lan works fine.. It can't be the router, cos beepo gets an awesome speed.. So that leaves just my desktop..

Happy yet sad, cos i know now it's only gotta do with me, but then again, why me..

So i've been digging thru the net and pouring over forums after forums.. But to not much of any avail.. It would seem that i'm not the only one experiencing some sort of speed cap with my linksys wireless adapter.. But i still haven't found anything solid yet..

So looks like i'll be yet another day with crappy speeds and no clue to what's wrong..

Bummer.. Anyway.. Happy Chinese New Year everyone.. And a blessed lovely valentines to all the darlings and lovey doveys out there..

Time to crash.. Good Night world.. =)


Gabriel Wu said...

hey, I think i am experiencing slow network speed because of the new linksys router - I'm using the wireless WRT120N model, and noticed that it can be quite slow sometimes... Are you using the same model?

patched-up said...

hey gab.. no. i'm using a dlink router, but a linksys wireless network adapter (PCI). apparently i'm not the only one.. after mucking around.. i have an inclination it could be a windows thing.. cos the TCP/IP seems really slow.. the browsing part. if i go onto torrent and pick a good/fast one.. i can max out my speed.. so trying to see if there's an XP hotfix or something. no luck so far..

ArkAngel said...

Don't feel so bad dude... my Mac's airport is screwing up on me too, so now when I want to use the internet, I have to huddle close to the wall where my router is just so that I can plug the 'net cable into my laptop..

patched-up said...

dude.. haha. maybe get a 15 feet lan cable? will that help? hahaha.. how come spoil anyway? or is the signal too weak?

ArkAngel said...

I don't know man.. Sometimes it can detect the signal, but then after about 5-10 mins, it'll lose it, and won't ever find it. It can't detect all the other signals around me either, so I'm guessing the airport's going down..

patched-up said...

the same thing happened to my router. the issue with it was the power adapter dying. checked the output with my multi-meter. stupid thing was the power adapter is not covered by the 'life time warranty' nonsense. so i tossed it and used a CPU power supply unit that was lying around. it could deliver the adequate current rating, so i just switched the adapter's plug and hooked it up. best part, it has a built-in fan.. haha.. so no worries abt over-heating. my friend's router had a similar issue too.. also power adapter failure, so bought one of those generic power adapters where u can choose how many volts to output.. u could check it out too. seems to me like the same symptoms. =)