Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dear Lord,

Hear my cry, as I cry out to you. Before me stands a mountain so tall I feel dwarfed. Before me stands a river so wide I’m afraid. Before stands the impossible, making me feel inadequate. But mostly, before me stands a choice, that I never wanted to make. A choice that was never mine from the beginning. Yes, I have tried to convince myself of what I will choose, and where I will go.. but right now, I commit it unto you. For I have done all that I did not for myself nor for my own gains. I have spent the last yr chasing not after my own dreams and goals. I have suffered, I have been bruised but I acknowledge that it is Your will for me to be here.

So give me the courage to face my mountain, give me the strength to swim that river, and give me knowledge that u are with me every step of the way.. that I will not be walking through this alone, nor will u leave me. Give me the right spirit to embark on this journey whatever the outcome may be.

And lastly, make me a light that will shine for You. For I am lost without you, and so are those around me. May You continue to empower me and to use me for Your purposes so divine. Reveal to me your will that I may be reminded why I’m doing this.

In Jesus’ name,


anxiety addict said...


ArkAngel said...


Obviously been spending too much time on facebook.

patched-up said...

hey dan.. how're things going for you?

ArkAngel said...

Hey bro,

Going ok, but I guess while you're contending with hurt feet, I have to contend with 12 degree weather.

You doing ok?