Monday, November 22, 2010

meet Bumpy

Hi, so I’m back from the advanced selections and basically my sad story, of sorts, is that I injured my right foot. The top part of it. Don’t ask me how, cos I’m not sure either. I just know that I walked and walked and it started to hurt and it didn’t get any better.

So anyway, it’s a mix-mash of feelings. Cos on the one hand, there’s my preferred unit to go to and on the other hand, there’s the “what if I’d stay on and persisted, it would have probably felt good to complete it” thinking. So basically, the past weekend was a mixture of emotions for me. Relieved yet disappointed. Calm yet envious.

Decided not to sink any further into the whole emo bit so while settling daddy’s iPhone contract earlier (YES!! Even my dad’s got an iPhone now.. I want one but I can’t get one. Darn..), I dropped by the supermart to get some ice cream, just so I can have it with the hot fudge that dar got for me some time back..

Then the usual walk in the supermart leads me to the auto section of it.. I bet it’s a ploy. The ppl who designed the layouts of the supermart probably have a Degree at how to suck in boys and their toys, ppl like me. So from simply getting some wiper fluid, it led on to getting a can of carb cleaner and then some cleaning cloth and a new can of WD-40 which also comes with a free cloth.. and no, it doesn’t stop there.. my car (aptly named Bumpy in case u were wondering abt the title of this post) has got the passenger side’s wiper broken.. well, it still wipes, just that the rubber bit isn’t really doing it’s part.. so I decided to get a replacement and DIY it.. but it was more expensive there than I recalled at the petrol kiosk.. So on the way back, I dropped by Caltex to get one of them.

the spoils of war.. haha.

So hopefully now, I’ll get a slightly better performing car.. just this past weekend, I managed to open the air filter and get into the iac valve to clean it.. but I figure it’s still not THAT clean, cos the rpm symptoms still return.. hopefully, now equipped with the proper cleaning tools, I’ll better be able to fix up Bumpy.

The windshield too! Finally no more ugly streaks or water marks or basically anything that stays on the windshield to irritated the crap out of me while I’m driving.. =)

Ok, I just realized that I haven’t exactly placed a picture of Bumpy here since I got him in april.. maybe in the next post.. =) thot I’d start blogging with pictures again. Recall how I used to blog with tonnes of pictures per post. Hah.

Latest earwax? The O.C. soundtrack – Mix 1.. =)

nostalgia at it’s best..

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ArkAngel said...

Eh, not quite winter yet, but we're getting there.

Eh, not so much with Crusades. I work with a guy from Crusades every now and then because he comes and leads a bible study once a month. Used to go with him to campus, but now he does that himself.