Sunday, January 16, 2011

From the Right, Number!

1. Happy New Year everyone. Yes, it's 16 days late, but what the heck. Better late than never.

2. Work's started proper.. at least it seems more like 'work' work now. I'm doing proper hours and I'm coming home daily. So that's an upgrade from a trainee's life.

3. Things are still highly unsettled. There's a whole tonne of things I'd want to do and love to do, but I can't seem to find the time/motivation/effort/know-how to do.

4. I love Borderlinx.

5. Thanks to leon, I now know what I'm missing. As much as I love my country *cough*, there's so much our northern neighbour has to offer that leaves us here to suffer.

6. So much for the first post of the yr.. later.


ArkAngel said...

Point 1: For further explanation, please refer to post titled 'Procrastination', dated 27th December 2010.

Gabriel Wu said...

Or you could be 2 weeks early - for CNY :)