Monday, February 14, 2011

The Curse..

.. of Mr Joel Chan.

ARGH!!! Certified Amphibian.. hah.

my first ever biathlon of my life and they actually got my surname wrong. Think someone was trying to pull a practical joke. Bummer.

So anyway, like they say, u just have to get past ur first time. Having done one now, the swim doesn’t seem so daunting and horrific anymore.. other than the fact that the doc said I tore my ligament (sound so bloody serious right?), I’m actually looking forward to next yr’s one. Do a better timing. =)

And no, it’s not a complete tear. Just a partial tear.. so gotta let it heal, and yes, it WILL and CAN heal, cos it’s not completely torn off.. can still walk/stand/drive.. so all’s good! =) thank God.

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