Friday, March 25, 2011

This is March

It seems every big event that has happened was in one way or another recorded in my blog.. well, not EVERY single event, cos then I’d have no problem whatsoever as the one that I’m facing now..

I’m trying so darn hard to recall every single jump I made, cos the lovely ppl at HQ decided to think it wise to shred my log card. So that leaves me with the arduous job of recalling every single exit I made out of the craft. With the first dating back more than 6 years ago. What the heck. So if u’re reading this and for some reason u can remember when I did one, PLEASE let me know. I’ll buy u lunch. =)

ANYWAY, I figure that I should record the fact that I got me a new set of eyes. Well, not literally.. I finally got PRK done on my eyes and for the record, it was on the 24th of feb. but for obvious reasons, I couldn’t see squat for the past 3 weeks so blogging would be a little of a hassle that I wanted to avoid. Things are still a blur now and nothing’s 6/6 as of now.. but hopefully things will sharpen up soon.

With the eyes like that, I also have not been working out much which worries me quite abit.. there’s a whole backlot of stuff to clear physically, and with selections coming up soon, I’m considerably a little worried.

Other than that, work’s been fine lately, and things are starting to pop up here and there. There’s the typical fires to fight, unruly ppl to talk to and unreasonable requests to answer to. But that’s life I guess.. got me a new reel and some lures to allow me to kill time and fight stress but haven’t put it to much use lately.. sigh.

Ok, so there. I’ve done my dues for the month, to record what happened. Hahaha. Cheater.

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