Sunday, December 30, 2012

L0ve-H@te relationship..

Yes, it’s aimed at the l33t wannabe inside me..

Technology.. sigh..

So after seeing my iPod touch collecting dust inside my pouch, I decided to do a little housekeeping and tinkle around with it.. tried to get some new apps and games and then came across the fact that I COULD possibly update my humble iPod to the latest iOS it will handle; 4.2.1.

Thinking that it’s safe, I dived in and went to update the iOS.

Can u see where this is going already? Ha..

Soon after, the visit to JailBreakMe tells me that my device is not supported and I’ll have to use Redsn0w instead. My initial thoughts were OH DAMN, since the only other time I’ve used anything similar was the Absinthe thing for dar’s iPad.

So I tried and long story short, that got messed up; it wouldn’t come out of the boot logo. Then I tried to fix it by using Greenpois0n but that didn’t work either cos Cydia refused to install. It just keeps telling me that it’s already been installed, but when I try to run it, it goes into an endless loop of rebooting..

Long story short, after a long long long long long time trying to reset the ipod to factory settings (which didn’t work by the way) and wound up having to get it into DFU mode and then managed to re-load the clean 4.2.1 iOS.. THEN trying the Greenpois0n thing again, did it finally work.

So after 8 hours, my humble iPod now has a new iOS installed and some new toys in it.. thankfully it worked though, I was almost prepared to make a paper weight out of it and get me another one already.. *phew* and not like I can just get the newer ones with a camera in-built.

At least it worked out well.. =)

my new boot logo animation.. =)

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