Monday, December 10, 2012

Let Go, Let God.

..To live by the Ranger Code.. To make the Golden Rule my daily rule.

18 years ago, I stood stomach-in-chest-out for the first time in my life and recited, amidst a long verse, those very words. The first time I was to don a regimental uniform.

Fast-forward to now, and I am reminded of those very words I uttered as I face this moment in my life. The meaning has changed quite profoundly for me, now that those 6 letters mean something else to me, but in essence, something still burns inside, which resounds with those very words above.

It was a desire I’ve always had in me to be able to inspire. To be able to influence in how ppl think and to shape the way they perceive the world, and therefore their actions that follow. I do believe that this stems from the very ppl that have influenced me throughout this journey in life.. ppl that have been my guitar heroes, the sages in my life, the intelligent, witty and carefree.. who have inspired me to shred hard and fast, spoken much wisdom into my life and showed me that there’s more to life than my perception of it..

In one way or the other, these ppl influenced me and made a difference in my life. They showed me what their purpose in life was, they displayed to me their characters through their actions, and that inspired me. It made me want to be someone like them. And the best part, they probably weren’t even trying.

And in the same way, I now turn things around and have this urge to want to inspire. It’s something I can’t quite put a finger on.. it’s like when I decided to start this phase of my passage in life. The math doesn’t add up (does it ever? Ha), everybody somehow tries to convince me that it won’t work out (and usually they succeed), but somehow there’s just this thing that tells me it’s the right thing to do. Or at least, it’s what I was meant to do. That sickening inner voice that speaks without words.

So now, I’m at this point where I feel reluctant. Reluctant to have to make a change in my life, but yet, something inside me stirs and this seems the way I should be going. Let go.. and Let God.

So I pray that as I willingly commit this new chapter of my life unto You, You will use it for Your glory. I do not expect that it will be a bed of roses, in fact I actually think it’s gonna be an uphill fight all the way, but I choose to trust that You who have started the good work in me will see it to completion. I choose also to give You praise in whatever the situation, recognizing that You have deliberately planned for me to learn lessons which will help me grow.. even if it hurts.

I just ask that every step of the way, You send me gentle reminders of why I’m doing it, and that You are watching over me, even when I should feel alone. Empower me to be the compass to direct the many men placed under my charge and give me the wisdom to lead their hearts; that I can be an inspiration to them. May the next 2 years bring You the glory that You deserve and most importantly, thank You for choosing to use me, as part of Your great plan. May my life be Your living example for them to follow..

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