Sunday, March 16, 2014


Took some time to fiddle around with the phone again today.. in between managing Brandon's whines. FINALLY updated to BBOS10.2.1 and apparently it comes with some pretty neat features.

You see, for the longest time, I (and every other BB user and his brother's uncle's cousin who owns one) have struggled with the lack of apps that Blackberry devices face. We hear of all the cool stuff that Android and Apple users get (ie instagram), but BB users around the world never gets a part of that.. right until now.

With BBOS 10.2.1, u can now load android apps directly onto the phone, without either 1) downloading the android's APK file and converting to BAR files and then hooking up the phone to the PC and loading it via some BB software.. or 2) or finding those BAR files that were previously converted already and then doing the whole PC/software/install process.. now, with the new OS, u can just hit download and it'll download and install, all by itself. The better part of this afternoon was spent trying to find out WHERE to get these APK files from. THIS is one such website that lets u download the APK files directly, cos if u follow links around and wind up on Google Play's website, u actually need to log in and OWN an android/google device before u can install/download anything.. that said, it was still a nasty trip.. half (or actually all) the apps I grabbed and threw into my phone returned with errors. Either not installing, or not running or running with no buttons/functions.

And then, there was Snap.

Enter Snap.. a BlackberryDroid if you will. For those familiar with BlackBerry World, this is the similar version of it, except that it hosts android apps.. and mind you, Snap works flawlessly on the Q10. I pulled it off Blackberry World, installation was quick, and then lo-and-behold, I could now browse through tonnes of paid and free android apps.. apps that were never available to blackberry users before..

my personal favourite is the AXS and MacDonald's app.. haha.. wheee…

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