Sunday, March 16, 2014

Week 2

Sometimes I still look at you and am amazed that you're actually my kid.. abit hard to process the fact that I'm now a dad. =) your dad.. =)

that's you sleeping in your favourite position with your hand up to your face =)
and that's me with my new squeaky toy..

You seemed to have grown a fair bit these 2 weeks.. ur face definitely looks rounder and ur thigh's getting bigger too.. u also don't seem as flimsy as before. But you holler so much more now and refuse to sleep.. feisty little boy.

Mighty Foot!

You also had some friends come visit you.. granny came with your favourite (and only) auntie and Jeremy visited! Then Owen came to visit too! =)

and yes.. your very own eeyore's waiting for you to get bigger.. =)

Stay healthy my dear..

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