Wednesday, February 18, 2009


While clearing the cobwebs away from my blog, I’ve been trying to decide what to write about, to keep the posts counting. Then I figured that amongst the so many things that’s happened, I’ve once again lost that ‘spark’ to write at length about anything in particular..

As a consolation (to myself), perhaps I’d at least try to list what some of these things are. Here goes:

- ok, there’s the bukom trip and some pictures that I managed to take. And of course the many ‘mickey mouse’ useless fishes that we caught.

- there’s also my polarizing filter.. have been wanting to get down to take more pictures with it, but somehow, I just haven’t found the time for it.

- then there’s my hike that I took with Joel and our wonderfully wood-roasted chicken, to Tom: next time we’ll take u along.. =)

- there’s also some pictures I’d like to put up, like the cell gathering at benson’s and my makeshift bbq-cum-grill thing with dar.

Ok, so maybe on the next few posts I’ll try putting at least some pictures up.

Beyond that, I’m just looking forward to the break from school.. next week’s break-week so I can get a breather and spend some time with my hamsters too.. but then again, there’s the fyp to bother with. Bummer.

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