Thursday, February 19, 2009


I made it.. and I’m thankful. One, I made it through the week.. now I can finally see the term break just over the horizon as it’s slowly making its ascend like the dawn of a new day, over the rather gloomy and tiring term.. a nice break to look forward to. Albeit there’s the fyp and stuff, at least it’s a chance to catch a breather..

Two, I’ve also made it.. 225cm. For a person who can’t jump since day one, I’m pretty pleased with myself for hitting it just after 2 weeks of training.. Finally managed to get a Pass.. it’s amazing how much deterioration can happen to the human body when you start to slack and shave off time spent on training..

Long story short, I’m thankful for making it through.. all glory to God.

And yes, as promised here are the only 2 pictures I took at bukom. Funny.. I didn’t realize that I didn’t take any photos of the tens of ‘mickey-mouse’ fishes that we caught. Probably didn’t want to risk another “I dropped it into the water” accident.. grr..

shh.. yes, we were fishing just under the no-fishing sign..

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