Thursday, December 28, 2006

Grumpy Alvin

*grumble* there goes ten bucks. All cos google won’t be nice enough to help me switch my adsense account ID. They were supposed to allow users to switch user ids but somehow my application didn’t get thru. And now they tell me that if I were to change my login ID I’ll have to forfeit the ten bucks I have. Darn..

"Hi Alvin,

Thanks for your emails. I'm unfortunately unable to process your login
change request. The best that I can offer is to help you close your
current account associated with and approve your
recent application associated with

However, please understand that if you choose this option, you'll need to
replace any existing AdSense code on your site with new code generated
from your new account. Also, any earnings from your current account will
not be transferred to your new account. If you wish to continue with this
process, please reply to this email indicating your wish to close the
account associated with"

alright, so much for lamenting over adsense. You all could do me a favour and pay the google sponspors a visit.. so anyway, I got my results today.. not too fantastic but I’m happy I didn’t bring forward any modules to the next semester. *phew* after 2.5 years away from the books, I’m thankful I made it thru.. with one C. stupid C. stupid stupid stupid C..

Ugly Ugly C.. Signals and Systems.. stupid boy.

this is the first time I’m using the school’s time-table planner.. and I have to declare out loud that it is so NOT user-friendly. I’d bet it’s design by someone sitting at home without ever having to use this program himself.. it defines how you can waste a whole load of time over something so trivial.. alright, so here I am at the end of a few hours, with a really ugly looking time table.. 3-hour breaks here and there.. I’d just die if I don’t stay in hall.. anyone have any idea how this elective thing works? I’m totally confused abt it. And my academic advisor’s not really helping with the advising part.. there are prescribed electives right? So can we graduate with those or must we choose more electives to graduate.. goodness me. Any suggestions for the electives?

oh and did I also mention that my connection’s REALLY slow.. add the Taiwan earthquake slowdownthewholeofasia thing to the fact that I’m still on 56K at home.. and you get a really really really slow connection.. I have to try to connect > 5 times to get hooked up with msn.. *sigh*

I think I’m in a really grumpy mood today.. i need more cookies..

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dEbBiEwHoeLsE said...

electives... hmm... if u dun mind watching LOTR, Citizen Kane and 7 Samurai a million times, i strongly recommend Aesthetics and Creative Techiniques in Moving Images... hehe... ur homework: watch LOTR! =P easy to pass!