Saturday, December 30, 2006

Kbox Sakae & Kukris

I’m not exactly the singer, but I went to KBox.. hah. Not too bad. It’s $9+++ per pax for 3 hours. And the best part, lunch is provided. =) woke really early to get down to Jurong East by 1100 and then went to kbox with dar. For lunch there was a choice of some Chicken or Fish thing.. they both were equally good. I think it’s much nicer now, the last time we were given a choice and it was 7,8 or 9 bucks +++. And accordingly, they’ll give you different ‘grades’ of lunch, from pies to noodles to curry & rice which was packed from outside.. So the spread of they’re in-house meals were quite a welcome and it’s pretty good nonetheless. Fanciful too.. Something (and dar) tells me that I should be working on my mandarin. Then I’ll be able to sing along with her.. won’t have to sit there for the bulk of the time.. ok not that it’s bad but still.. it’ll be a skill to be able to sing as kbox with dar. pink hairband = pink voice.. heh..

that's how the chicken thing looks like. The fish one looks similar just that it's got fish (duh?). it kinda reminds me of airplane food.. looks quite alike..

Wednesday’s dinner was spent at Sakae Sushi with my mum =) at Wheelock Place.. the place’s seem to have changed quite abit with new interior design since the first time I’ve been there.. quite a nice feeling tho.. to sit down amidst all the rush of a weekday.. great place, great sushi.. all the more cos I spent it with mum. Must have been such a loooong time since the last time I went out for a meal with her..

it looks quite posh now.. and more roomy too. More table seats as compared to the beginning where there were alot more counter seat..

Oh and YES, I have to say a BIG thank-you to Si Wei. This is one man who went out of the way to try to get me a full-sized Kukri. That’s the signature knife that the Gurkhas in Singapore use. And they are the ppl who wear the distinctive blue uniform with the tilted brown hat and stand guard at respectable places from the IMF meetings to the Istana to the watch towers ontop of Bukit Timah. Native Nepalese, these troopers are handpicked and trained and have been known throughout the world for their bravery and extraordinary fitness. Soldiers during wars have been known to surrender upon hearing that Gurkhas were sent to face them.. these are one bunch of ppl you don’t wanna mess around with.

Beeps got me a few mini Kukris the last times she went to Nepal (thanks beepo!). This time, SiWei (affectionately known as Psy or Sai, pronounced like ‘sigh’) tried to bring back one full-sized one, the same ones that these Gurkhas here and all over the world use. I’ve seen it in the army and it’s really quite impressive. Think big parang. Very big parang that has been handcrafted. Quite unfortunately, it got stopped at the customs but thank God that he didn’t meet into much trouble with the authorities. *phew* still.. really. I must say a very very big thank you and a sorry for all the trouble caused.. For those who aren’t aware, I’ve got a thing with knives.. weird. Uh-huh. Ya. I know. Everyone has a weird side. Maybe Great-Grandpa Yap was a swordsman in china. Who knows..

Meet half of my collection. i counted a total of 15. The above 8 are the more 'special' ones.. Clockwise from top-right: Muela fixed blade, M Nieto fixed blade with mini replica, SOG Pentago Elite foldable, Victorinox Swiss Champ 70+ items with carrying pouch, Victorinox Compact 14 items, Kukri medium sized, Kukri with engravements, Kukri small sized. The CD at the top is a reference for the sizes.

These are the Kukris beeps got for me. All from Nepal. The middle one is nicely engraved, even the sheath's got decoration.

The top one was bought with my first pay. It's one of the few that i bear to use cos i bought it. The rest are mostly gifts so i can't bear to use them. I got this one with Jon, who has a similar one, and affectionately named it 'kick-ass'. The middle one was from Ben, the first fixed blade knife i owned. It's got a miniature looking replica and has a camouflage sheath. The bottom one is an SOG Pentagon Elite. Bought it when i turned operational in the army and went on to thailand with it. One of the best foldable knives to me, the blade can be opened easily single-handed.

The red one is the first knife amongst all that i got. My folks got it for me from europe when i was 12 years old. It's got a total of 14 different tools/uses. The whole knife thing started from there.. the blue-black one was a gift from Jon. It's the biggest and fullest pocket knife in the Victorinox series with 70+ tools/uses, it's got a carrying pouch containing matches, sharpening stone, compass and a whole load of cool stuff. i still don't bear to use it.

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