Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Happy Long Weekend

Happy New Year everyone!! It’s finally 2007.

This time I stuck to my word. =) New Year’s Eve was not spent in some mosh pit while I try to squeeze thru orchard. No, this time it was spend in the nice comfortable and spacious setting of a chalet. Coasta Sands.. I pretty much had 3 choices, there was WatchNight to attend, going-to-marina-to-see-fireworks and kenny’s chalet. I went with the latter. Kenny and Melvin were nice enough to invite me to their gathering. Supposed to be a ‘biomed’ gathering, but since I knew most of them, he invited me anyhow.

Quite a nice feeling to be able to spend new year’s eve outside of the army. Finally, now I can sit and enjoy a drink and take in the new year’s eve air. =) simple food, simple games.

That's Kenny in blue. The rest proceeded to play Initial D. And yes, "Don't drink and drive" applies to computer games too..

One of the few barbecues i had with really simple food. Just sausages, crabsticks and chicken wings.. Beehoon pre-cooked. Simple but it ends up with no food wastage. Very Good idea.. oh and by the way, i just found out that BARBECUE is spelled with a C not a Q. goodness me..

Tried to take a picture of the coals but it came out pink.. haha. Reminds me of something u'd find in Superman with the glowing crystals and rocks and what-nots..

Everyone takes a card without seeing it and stick it on his forehead. You hope that you're not holding on to the biggest card and pour whatever nonsense u want (from chilli sauce to lemon juice..) into a cup. Loser is then revealed after everyone has his turn to put in the nonsense.. and yes, Kenny with the biggest smiles.. well.. he drank it up.

Tuesday was spent at aaron’s wedding. CONGRATULATIONS!! Bright and early in the morning. So fast, he’s married.. and *gasp* she’s my age.. wonder how my folks will react if I tell them I wanna get married now. Haha.. aiyah, but also good la. Get married younger = probably have more kids = help the garmen = get a lot of bonuses in return. Heh.. sounds good eh?

Meet mr and mrs Aaron Tan. Some say she's got Bambi eyes, so he must be Thumper.

daddyyap, mummyyap, thumpertan, bambitan, alvinyap, beepoyap =)

After the wedding we went down to breko.. lovely place. Settler’s café had waay to much ppl and there was no space for us. So landed up at breko.. they used to serve cards if u requested. Playing cards. But they don’t seem to anymore.. maybe change of management.. Ben had to go 7-11 to get a new deck.. very nice cards. Very smooth.. and very hard to shuffle.. (think cards splattering everywhere) =P

beeps and ben, me and dar.

From Top: Beeps=short chubby tongue. Me=no, it won't fit into the nostrils.
Ben=God of Gamblers (aura included) Dar=NO! DON'T EAT ME! heh, i especially like ben's one, somehow the camera clicked and took such a wierd picture.

VERY good chicken.. *drool*

Top: More evidence that they don't serve cards, resorting to self-entertainment. Bottom: No, she just won't trust me when we play Bluff. she just won't trust me.. just won't..

And my time table’s confirmed.. for the new semester. Really really really bad.. sucky. It’s such a hard-to-use system. Trying to register for the modules is like playing the fastest fingers first kinda game. He who has the fastest internet connection and fastest mouse-clicking finger wins. I think I’m suffering from an overflow of adrenaline.. urgh. Great way to start the new semester..

Happy New Year Everyone!

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