Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Tripod + Photoshop = FUN!

"Why you like that?"
"Ya la! How could you have done that?"
"What? What did i do?"

I just love that picture. Heh..

Tutorials, sigh.. today will mark the day of the first tutorial for
me in 2007. And it has to be maths. Of all things, of all the modules that I’m taking, the first tutorial has to be maths. Of all things, amongst all of them, my first paper this semester has to be math.. I can run, but I can’t hide.. darn. Seems like I’m just fated to be with this math thing, thank God I didn’t get a C for math in the previous exam. (I got 1 stupid C last sem) I’m hoping not to get any more Cs but somehow I don’t think that’s all too possible.. *shrug* uh well..

So anyway, this past weekend,
I got me a set of bi-weekly contacts. Free! Acuvue Advanced kinda thing.. From dear eric at Paris Miki. I’ve been wanting to try the bi-weekly ones and decided to be thick-skinned and ask them for a pair to try. Don’t ask Don’t get. Heh =) Actually I tried the monthly ones but it’s pretty uncomfortable.. she said it’s ‘thicker’ than the daily ones that’s why it’s a little more uncomfortable, so in the end I happily walked out with a pair of bi-weeklies in my eyes and a complementary bottle of solution in my bag.

Along with that I got me a tripod too.. it’s fun actually, I’m amazed at the things I did with my tripod to entertain myself (as you can tell from above and below). Heh.. finally I can take pictures of me and stuff that I could never have taken cos my hands aren’t as steady as I’d like them to be.. Thank you mr tripod and photoshop.
The stars were taken from my room, Aperture setting 8.0 and shutter speed at 15 secs. They're the glow-in-the-dark kind that's pasted on the wall.. and with the tripod, they turn out REALLY well..
The panoramic picture is just a sign of boredom and cheap thrills that i indulge in. =)

I’m up for duty this week, gonna be stationed in G1 so I’ll be playing there. Quite exciting.. it’s been a while since I officially belonged to a team, rather than being on loan to any team that needed a guitarist. =) Wednesday ought to be fun, I’ll keep u updated.

The silly external harddisk that dar bought from funan on Saturday didn’t work. And somehow it doesn’t like my notebook either..
so I can’t format it and nothing works at all. I almost tore my hair out. So then I decided to go down to funan to sort it out since I have a 7-day grace period and when I got there, I tore my hair out. Right there, in front of me, he plugged it in and hit the format button and IT WORKED! Crap! I could just almost see the harddisk smiling and sticking out its little tongue at me. I’ve never felt that stupefied over a gadget before.. my jaw dropped and I figured that no matter how hard I’d try to explain to the fella at the shop, he’s gonna think I’m just some silly low-tech wannabe who can’t sort a simple matter out. Right.. thanks. *glare at the harddisk*

So I’m totally beat now, I traveled half-way across Singapore only to travel back. *yawn*

Oh, and I just earned me $5.20 for putting up an advertisement on my blog (you’d see it below the firefox thing, it’s some home insurance thingy. Yes, just by putting up a text link, this fella paid me. How cool is that la.. the thing is, I’m supposed to put it up for a year. (?!?) But he happily said that once the link is up, he’ll pay me the money. And he did. Hmm, maybe that’s why it’s only $5.20..

Quote of the month.. Despair. Utter despair..

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