Wednesday, January 10, 2007

My Last Weekend

Ok, this post is WAAYYY overdue. I can't seem to upload anything from school. Either NTU doesn't like their students blogging (i'd bet) or just doesn't like NTU students. Either how, i'm at a losing end. If you're reading this post, that means that somehow, it got upload after trying endlessly.. you'd be amazed at how many things i've tried, just to get this post up. And they say we have the best technology.. BAAH!


It’s back to school this week sadly. 1st 2 lectures of the semester and I feel lost already. And the fact that the silly timetable looks so ugly doesn’t seem to help, but that’s another story. Later..

So my last weekend, before school starts, just ended yesterday. Wasn’t too bad, was quite fulfilling. I managed to go out and do touristy stuff and take funny pictures and do stuff that I prob won’t be able to do once school starts. At least, I’ll be having other things to worry abt then.

We went to make new specs for dar on sat. She’s prob one of the few that I know who still has near perfect eyesight.. well, not for long. Ha. Went down to Eric’s place and tested her eyesight again and it was the same as before, 50 on the right, 25 on the left, really low.

Then we went to the bus-stop to get a bus and stumbled upon some old Armenian church. We decided to get all touristy. Quite a cool place, for one, it’s really nice and quiet and peaceful inside. It’s got this nice lovely interior and the outside spots this nice garden-like area. Some pretty cool statues and tombstones (morbid I know) too..

That's the sign at the entrance of the church which attracted her. 'WELCOMES ALL VISITORS' heh..

that's the altar of the church. It's got a nice peaceful quietness about it, a stark contrast with the busy road just infront of the building. Beautiful interior..

There's quite a fascinating garden just by the back of the church, with really interesting statues and a mini grave-yard. My favourite's the one with the cross on Jesus.. you can just feel the agony coming from the scene..

Then we headed up this trail that was provided, some see-the-history-of-singapore kinda trail. It led us to the Freemason’s building and on to the stamp archive. Stamp museum rather.. I refused to pay $5 to enter to see stamps and more so cos I can’t take any pictures in it.. if I’d ever own a museum, I’ll allow photography inside. And then I realized that beep’s got complimentary tickets to the Singapore museum. It was abt 4pm by then and the last entry into the museum was 5.30pm. Cut the long story short, we walked to PS to meet her to get the tickets. Ohoh, and we bypassed Timbre along the way. Nice looking place just that it wasn’t open. But still nice.. would like to go there when it’s open sometime.

That's the stamp museum on the left and the freemason's building on the right.

Dar’s not the walking type so getting to PS was a feat by itself, and no, we didn’t make it to the museum cos if we’d walk back to the museum, I’d have to carry her home. =P in the end we went to kovan to buy food for the barbecue. I got too lazy to take any pictures during dinner cos my hands were greasy and all, although it’s prob gonna be the last barbecue I have in a long time.. anyway, this one tasted abit different. The crabsticks weren’t tasting right and the prawns had a little too much juice in the head.. thankfully the chicken marinated with A LOT of stuff turned out well. Or maybe it’s just the fact that school’s starting soon that made my tastebuds go whacky. Then again, I think it’s NTUC. I’ll go back to bishan’s one if I’d ever have to buy anymore food for a barbecue. It’s ridiculous, the one at hougang is HUGE. So much space, but so much empty space. Really little variety. Pity.. good waste of space..

Alright, so that was Saturday. Sunday evening was spent at Holland. Nice place. It’s changed so much though and cafĂ© rosso wasn’t open. Sad. Next to Baker’s Inn (Bakerzin wateva) I think they serve the nicest Warm Chocolate cake. They were having this Chinese Opera thing at the amphi-theatre next to Holland V. For the first time in my life i sat and watched abit of it. I’ve got no idea how the residents in the adjacent blocks put up with the noise.. and there was a flea market there too with ppl selling everything from pink Calvin Klein undies to pokemon cards to shoes and what-nots. Then there was a quick drink at deli-france. First time I got to a deli-france that’s dine-in. So you don’t have to pay at the cashier when ordering, they take ur order just like any restaurants/diners. Nice..

Opera anyone? The guy in black (some drunken master thing) apparently kills the other fella or something like that.. i'm not too sure. hah. oh wells..

What a ride.. and now, it’s back to school. 64 more days *yawn*

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