Wednesday, January 24, 2007

3rd week

Snails.. I hate snails. If there’s something I hate more than a snail, it’s gotta be 2 snails. Hah. Don’t ask me why, I’m not sure. Maybe when I was smaller I got traumatized by some snail that crawled over me, or maybe I shouldn’t have watched SLUGS last time. Wateva the case, I’m not liking them and I don’t intend to do so anytime soon. Snails are good away from me. The further the better.. *wimp* =P

So, it’s already the 3rd week of school and I’m starting to feel lethargic. Looking forward to weekends more often now just like in the army. And just like in the army, I dread every Sunday night.. Last week was some EEE-week thing on campus, with the Nanyang Arts Festival happening at the same time too.. quite cool. Some of the performances quite solid.. Too bad my rechargeable battery died and I couldn’t get any pictures during the performances.. (read A Final Farewell for more details on the death). So anyway, I resorted to alkaline and got nice and trigger happy and took some shots around school. School’s actually a great place to shoot, with many nice scenes, if only I’d know how to compose it properly.. quite a pity.. and photography lessons don’t come cheap.. sponsor anyone?

NAF: Nanyang Arts Festival

The weekend’s quite cool. A rather eventful one too actually, cos had quite abit of things to do and ended up waking real early on Sunday morning.. (early morning = more daylight hours = do more things = longer day.. in my world. Yes.. hi. Welcome to my world) I got to eat at Holland. It’s gotta be like a looong time since I ate there. Ok, so not that long actually, went there with beeps and ben after aaron’s wedding.. more like it’s been a long time since I went to NYDC. Ya, that sounds more like it.. NYDC. They serve great pasta and I just realized that they actually don’t serve any steak or fishNchips kinda thing.. how interesting. Must be doing very well from all that cheese cake.. oh and I’m up for duty again next week. So fast. *shrug* oh oh and I’m beginning to like my contacts so much. It’s really comfortable actually. And it’s so convenient not having to wear specs.. these 2 weeks have got to be the longest period that I’ve worn them at a go. beautiful invention.

Great Place, Great Food, Great Company. =)

Oh, and Melvin was nice enough to source out and pass to me all 6 episodes of Star Wars! How cool is that, I finally get to watch Episode III and see how he becomes Darth Vader.. Haha.. you start speaking strangely and doing stupid stuff after watching them. Heh. “Cranky, you will be..”

Left: Feel The Force..
Right: Kenny up to his mischief. There was a barrier lying around and we wondered if anyone would climb all the way down, see the barrier and go back up. Hey, at least we didn't put it at the top of the stairs. =P

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