Tuesday, January 30, 2007

My New Hairstyle

I got me a new haircut this past weekend. New hairstyle rather.. so exciting. Something new. It’s been years since I had a change of hairstyle, not counting the free one in the army la. The big floppy hair thing has been pretty overdue.. and so now maybe a change is good. Rather refreshing I’d say. =) got it on Saturday from SuperCuts, while waiting to watch a movie.. the cool part was that this lady who attended to me (I think her name was Jess or Jenn or something like that), she was pregnant. And I mean PREGNANT.. think basketball-under-the-clothes sized pregnant. Her tummy was HUGE! And that stylo-milo belt that they wear to keep the scissors and clips was just hanging off the tummy.. so amazing. Too bad I didn’t get a shot of her.. maybe if dar goes back next week then I might get a picture. Haha.. HUGE tummy.. *faints* right, back to my hair.. it’ll take some getting used to.. nice? =)

Anyway, so last week happened to be the Nanyang Business School week. So they had the stage and booths and events and wat-nots. The best part.. Free Ramly burgers. Haha.. free food is always a welcome. *hint* well, there was actually some buffet thing too and more giveaways, but I think those were entitled to students from the business school, so I ain’t got my share.. oh and there was this magic show thing too.. quite silly.. it’s a rip off I think. Seriously.

That's the magician on the left. Kenny caught him slipping a piece of a rope (which he magically cut and re-combined) into his pocket. I caught him reaching into his pocket and pulling out a card under his palm. boo.. haha *so evil*

My tummy’s still a little rumbly from yesterday’s thai food.. the Basil Chicken has got to be my favourite dish from thai-express.. I’d highly recommend it to anyone who is as crazy over minced meat and rice as me.. nice and spicy and very very tasty. So my tummy was complaining the whole of today, but hey.. I’m not. Hah. Great World City is a nice place to be on a Sunday. There’s no one there (since it's so out of the way) and you pretty much get to roam around freely and you can definitely find a place to sit in coffee bean. Something you’d never ever dream of when you’re down in orchard on a Sunday evening. Hah. Speaking of which, I’m tempted. I think the next time I bake me some cookies, I’ll use the chocolate powder from coffee bean, instead of milo. I seriously think it’ll kick up the taste a notch. It’s expensive though, one tub costs more than 15 bucks. Urgh. Sigh, the price of good cookies.. uh wells..

Double Happiness. heh..

TOP: Melvin and Kenny feeling the force..
BOTTOM: One of kenny's many Hard Rock Cafe pin collection that i like..

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SheEp said...

Looks like you're putting your digital camera to good use. :)