Thursday, February 1, 2007

Typical Singaporean

.. and I’m proud to be one! Haha.. so this week was some career fare thing that they had at the auditorium area.. and with that comes none other than FREEBIES! Every singaporean’s fav past-time.. collecting freebies! So I helped myself to some of the stuff.. there was too many booths and too little time.. so Kenny and I zipped around and tried to get as much as we could. Especially the goodie bag from some British American Tobacco company. Why? Cos it comes in this nice Big bag and more importantly, it has a nice water bottle in it. One of those metal ones.. how nice..

LEFT: Some of the freebies that i got. 2 notepads, a post-it pad, and 3 pens. The pens are quite nice and one of them even has those post-it stuff in it.. nice.
RIGHT: The nice metal bottle that everyone was grabbing. Thanks to kenny, i intend to decorate and design it, maybe cover over the logo or something. hah. Oh, and the best part, i tried to be thick-skinned and succeeded; I got me 2 bottles. =P

We concluded that they were so successful cos of a few reasons. Firstly, there was the nice water bottle.. that one cannot be helped. Typical Singaporeans (this one included) will naturally want the nice gifts. Secondly, they gave a nice big bag. Even though there was nothing much inside, it made you put all other tiny little bags (that the other companies and organizations gave) into this big one. So when you look around the canteens and bus-stops and lecture halls, everyone seems to be holding this bag. Naturally you’d be curious and want it too.. brilliant idea.

It's February! Quote of the month.. Utter despair. heh..

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