Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Happy Ang Pow Season!

Happy New Year everyone! It’s the ang pow season again.. heh, it’s really one of the only things that keep me going around during this red season.. well, then I realized that perhaps I should spend more time with granny.. she’s 77 this year.. that’s REALLY old.. Alright, that’s another story for another time..

So this year we had reunion at home too.. on Saturday.. had this steamboat thing and there were these really huge prawns.. it looks almost scary.. and I think, if we ever do that again, we should peel the prawns first.. otherwise the soup’s just gonna get all toxic. With the orange foam forming at the top of the soup and the prawny taste getting more and more overwhelming.. hah.

LEFT: That's how the soup looks like BEFORE the prawns.. haha.. toxic i tell you..
RIGHT: Yappys Unite!

Didn’t really go to many many places this year.. we went to mummy’s side first.. for lunch, then to daddy’s side. And we basically missed everyone cos we got there too late.. hah.. oh wells.. I think overall I went to 6 places.. both grandmas.. one aunty, uhh.. uncle Richard and aunty Veron’s place.. (yes, family of ThumperTan and BambiTan), a distant cousin’s place and to Junwei’s place too.. by far, Junwei’s place was prob the most slack one.. just went there with the whole lot and played some cards and nua..

TOP: I got me new socks! haha.. so cool right! Superman fan.. can't help it. *hums superman theme song*
BOTTOM: Beeps wanted a similar picture with this, so i decided to have an all-over-the-room one.

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SheEp said...

Me! ME!!! Yo dude, over here... Me! Hello? Can you see me? ME!!! Let's try to drag Daniel in too, haha... Reliving the good ol' days in the army I see. :P Oh, can't believe that your Sis would actually follow you (crazy jungle-trekking-camping-before-army you), cool! :)