Tuesday, January 9, 2007


ok, i'm so irritated. this has got to be the dunno-how-many-time i'm trying to post something on blogspot. Something seems to be wrong. i can't seem to post or upload any pictures.

ok so anyway, i stumbled upon this site called blogsvertise. apparently it would pay be some amount of money for posting an entry about a given website. Like they would give you an URL and tell you to write up abt the site. something of abt a couple of paragraphs and abt 100 words. and i apparently have to link to the site's URL (in this case it's blogsvertise) at least 3 times.. and then they would check it and send the payment. something like that. ok, i'm not too sure how it'll work., stuff like that never seems to work out. but what the heck right? just give it a try la.. at the most if it doesn't work out i'll prob remove this post anyway..

now the only problem i have is sorting out the connection to blogger.com. i can't seem to connect. i don't know if it's gotta do with the NTU server (maybe, ntu's so cranky anyway) or is it my notebook, or is it blogger's problem. argh.

ok, so about blogsvertise, i'll let you know again if it works out..

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