Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Merry Christmas

It’s Christmas! Merry christmas everyone! It’s my favourite season of the year. Fridays are my favourite days and Christmas’ are my favourite seasons. Haha.. it’s always so nice to see the lights.. did I ever mention that I have a thing with lights? Dar always said I was a housefly.. =P ANYWAY.. this year is no exception. I guess the big difference is that this year, I’m spending both my birthday and Christmas out of the army. Free man! Heh.. so this Christmas is a little more exciting and happier than last year’s which of course, for the fellow comrades, we spent it in a rather noble manner. That’s another story for another time..

spent christmas morning in G1.. had breakfast at burger king. that's a cup of coffee.. the cup's getting nicer and nicer.. maybe that's why the price of fast food is getting higher and higher too.. the balloons are from some CA thing my folks went for, brightens up the whole place doesn't it?

we went to walk around orchard, isetan and wheelock place and i took a few pictures. Did i mentioned i figured how to optimise the ISO and aperture settings on my camera. i'm so happy.. it's a amazing what another one night spent reading the user-manual can do.. i esp like the golden thing, thot the picture turned out quite well..

Ok, back to Christmas, this year we had a nice dinner at my granny’s place.. I think we were supposed to bring deserts and stuff for the after-meal thing.. so my dad had this idea to make a fruit platter.. it’s quite nice actually.. the platter came out much nicer than I had expected. =) and we bought more fruits than we could use. Ended up having to keep the longans to ourselves.. oh and they all loved my cookies.. *head-swells*

Before and After of the fruits we got. we spent about 20 bucks and an hour. it turned out much better than i expected.. nice and colourful.. =)
alvin yap and granny yap. =) i love my grandma..
that's granny openining her christmas prezzie; she got a nice massaging thing.. you sit on it and it massages your back. i tried it, it's really quite good.. *stretch*. the candy-train was made by the friends of my younger cousins.. really creative..

That was on Christmas eve, Christmas dinner was spent at Ronald and Jean’s place.. we had burgers! I didn’t manage to get a picture of the food at the dinner, but it was really good. I like the beef patty jean made esp. =) then we had the babies opening up their presents.. how nostalgic.. looking at them, I feel like I’d give anything to be a kid all over again. And I got to watch x-men III too.
the kids opening their presents. annabel would tear and shred the paper.. carissa would diligently peel and open it neatly.. 2 babies, same parents, same family, characters' worlds apart. =)
uhh.. meet Carissa (left) and Annabel (right).. angels on the outside.. #CENSORED# on the inside.. heh.. still ever lovely.
kodak moments of the kids with their new toys..
meet amanda. my princess.. *wink*

more evidence of my joy in figuring out the ISO and aperture thing.. got this shot from their flat.. heh. and yes, i'm intrigued by the lights.. shush.

Oh and I had a really irritating Christmas countdown.. we went down to orchard road (madness I know) to ‘support’ pastor Oh’s event. I’m not too sure what kinda event it was, but we were there.. at abt 11:30pm. That’s where I managed to get some pictures of the lights. Didn’t turn out all too well, but well, it’s a first.. so anyway, we started trying to make our way to taka and then take the underpass over to the lucky plaza area, but see, we never made it to taka. Think mosh pit, think stampede. Think human sized ants crawling all over orchard.. it was so crowded u didn’t need to move. You get pushed along the way.. I don’t think I’ve ever been to somewhere that crowded before.. and add the fact that u get ppl spraying foam and what-nots into ur hair.. oh the terror.. *faints* but well, that’s not my point for this portion of the post.. my point is that.. there was this café/bar kinda area. I’m not all too sure what its name is. It’s the alfresco one just outside of wisma, along the pavement the one with the railings filled with water.. While we were getting mashed up in the crowd, there was a few ppl (who I think worked at the bar), who were standing around near the railing, the boundary of the bar. At first glance, I thot they were there to ensure ppl don’t try anything funny and enter the bar without permission by climbing over the railing, but then as the crowd got squeezier, I realized that they were there to help little kids/babies. They would lift the kid over the railing and keep them occupied in the nice spacious environment of the bar they seem to have this table filled with happy aunties and ladies who were happily entertaining and taking pictures of the kids.. and then the parents (who weren’t allowed over the railings) would then collect the kids after they have successfully navigated thru the mosh pit.. although I thought it would be even better if they had allowed just one of the parents to be with the kid, I thot that what they were doing was pretty impressive. They were running a business there, with a band playing carols and top-ten hits in the background and ppl enjoying the night, oblivious to the suffering that was taking place outside of the bar.. they could have simply chosen not to bother, but there they were, helping out and making those families eternally grateful.. there u go.. another example of helpful and nice Singaporeans..

managed to get these shots before i hit the mosh pit and after i left the mosh pit.. ridiculous. can you see the crowd..? it'll just take one terror attack here and singapore's population will probably be down by 1/4. merry christmas to the cisco officers on duty and a big thank you. =)

So well, anyway, we never made it to the place to support pastor oh’s countdown.. but well.. it was one experience.. and I’m pretty sure I dun wanna go thru that again.. never. I am so gonna steer clear of orchard or any of these party place for the new year. No.. alvin’s not a party animal, I’ll probably stick to my cookies.

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