Wednesday, December 20, 2006

First Up..

my first post.. i think i'll edit this in time, but well.. here goes. =) well, come to think of it, i think i'll just post a rip-off the prev one.. it's got exactly what i wanted to say anyway.. for what it's worth.. : -


ok, so it's passed 2359 of 19 dec, but i don't care.. i haven't slept. so i haven't woken up the next day so in my world, the day hasn't passed. hah. thank God i'm no longer in the army. this kinda thinking won't get me anywhere. haha.. but who cares? haha.. i'm out. i'm out i'm out i'm out. ordordord. *cheesy grin*

haha. yay! i got it.. patched-up. sounds so interesting right? they didn't have patchedup. so i'll settle for patched-up.. sounds interesting too. it has so many meanings.. that's what i like abt it. it reminds me mostly of patch though. maybe i should dedicate the site to him, although it isn't exactly very masculine to have his pictures all over the site.. but what the heck. i'm just happy to have gotten started. hmm.. so what's next i wonder.. hmm.. just done with the skins. got me this black looking thing. you know.. after so long, i've got some attachments to this xanga site. the other one's been though army with me. this one's been through the crazy first sem at school.. i like the look and feel of this one. spend so much time sorting out and choosing the best fit for it.. it seems hard now to just let go of it and move on to the new one. haha.. sounds like a breakup doesn't it. silly me.

so it's done. i'll just have to probably spend the next weeks sorting out the looks of the place and get the adsense running.. that'll be good. then i'll have something to finally get started off on. hmm.. i think i'll leave this blog as it is now.. it's nice and quiet. good to be quiet sometimes.. and i'll have all the traffic (if any ever gets coming in the first place) to the other one. since i don't get paid for any on this but there's adsense on the other.. =) and then i'll come back here and leave nice note-to-self stuffs.. like most of the things that i've been posting here.. well, haha, except for the DEFCON series. haha.. alvin's road to war..

hmm, on another note, no, i don't think i accomplished any of the things i wanted to do.. *refers to above* *frown* haha. i didn't buy anything, no sitting at any coffee joints, DIE and haven't send out that mail to boss. oh, maybe the only thing i did was to sync my phone.. came straight home from school so there's pretty much nothing done.. found some pretty cool recipes online though and watched aladdin with beeps. HOW COOL IS THAT LA.. haha, it'sbeen what.. how many years since i watched that show.. it's so nice. nice musicals they just don't make these things anymore.. nemo, stitch, cars.. they're all nice, but they don't term as Classics anymore. these are the award winners and watching it again now, i can only agree.. it also makes me appreciate the game on megadrive more.. the fact that the game is sooo closely related to the movie. so many of the sequences and scenes and not forgetting the music.. it's like an add-on to the movie. i am so impressed by both companies. kudos to virgin software and disney.. we need more people in the entertainment world to be like them.

oh and it still hasn't stopped raining.. rod mentioned that jean was busy building her ark. haha.. corny. and frankly, i'll be worried if not for the promise God made. it hasn't stopped raining for the past 30 hours. the temp's dropped to abt 24.. that's AIRCON la! so i'm sitting here with no aircon and no fan and no nothing, except the heat from sattee.. and it's so comfortable. how cool is that. =) it's amazing.. a little scary but nonetheless amazing..

oh and on the same note, it flooded. not massive noah's time kinda flood but pretty amazing.. the whole place went under and this taxi was up to his whole bonet in water. looked really scary. first time i see a flood up close.. thankfully the water didn't get on the bus.. and there were so many uprooted trees too.. fallen trees rather.. didn't bring my camera else i'll prob have a go at the stomp thing. heh.. quite interesting.. oh and tv was showing this nice beemer.. sports series, was showing ppl pushing the car out of the water.. looked almost submerged. and the next scene showed the owner scooping water out of the interior with a container.. so sad. that car must have cost a bomb. and it prob just spoilt.. just like that.. my condolences. hope u bought insurance..

hmm.. ok, so that's another update.. looks like it's the last one unless something really interesting pops up.. hmm.. or maybe i could just hang on a while and see how the patched-up thing works.. hmm.. ok, so i left my first post. just like i didn't here like yrs ago. haha..

ok, i'm tired.. think i should rest.. well. haha.. maybe.. ... i don't think so.


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