Wednesday, June 17, 2009

10 on the Grump-O-Meter

hmm.. where should I start?

Ok, let’s start where I left off at the previous post.. Linux. =) first up, I have to say that ever since I started twiddling around with it, I haven’t exactly regretted. For one, I’ve learnt a lot more abt how the computer works over the duration of using linux. For some reason, learning abt how the computer works sorta plateau-ed off over the years.. it started as exciting back when I was 12, learning to ‘save as’ into my very own floppy disk, and learning how to rip an audio cd into mp3, and then learning how to setup the proxy settings on my internet browser to connect to my 56k line and messing around with the autoexec.bat files on the school’s computer *cough*.. then figuring out how the wireless thing worked with the router and how ip addresses get assigned.. all that was fun. But soon there’s pretty much nothing else. Windows pretty much does everything for you.. aside from being brainlessly easy, it also prevented u from effectively troubleshooting when something goes wrong.. simply because u never knew how it worked from the start.

So then, on came linux, and I start the whole process of learning how to save a file.. learning how to mount a thumbdrive via the console.. learning how to download and compile my own applications.. learning how to link stuff around and basically, put the FUN factor back into computing.. and since linux is open, I get to fix my OS exactly how I like it to be, and every step of the way, I’m in charge; learning something along the way, rather than let some wizard do it all for me.. making it a very personalized setup.

So all’s good, and I like it, except for the part that somehow, the folks who released the new version of Kubuntu, v9.04 decided to release a sub-standard version. Out of the box, the wifi connectivity doesn’t work.. and apparently they knew abt it.. but for some reason, chose not to remedy it before the release.. it’s probably things like these that ultimately would turn ppl off the whole linux idea..

But all in, I managed to get it fixed after spending some time on it.. not all’s lost, at least I managed to learn a couple of things.. and I have to say that the new KDE4.2 is really good stuff for the folks who love eye-candy on their machines.. without hogging resources the way vista does. Think running a computer Vista-styled with all the eye-candy, but on a 1999-2000 era computer setup.. =)

multiple desktops anyone?

nope, these aren't my desktop, but I'll upload printscreens of mine soon! =)

Alright, moving on, I’ve tried to tear apart my notebook too (this website basically tells u how to do it for various Toshiba notebooks). Hah. It’s been 3 years, the warranty’s loong over, so I thot I’d give it a go. First was the peek at harddisk drive cos I’m tempted to get me a bigger drive. This 100Gb is just not cutting it anymore.. with 12Gb dedicated to linux, and another 10 to windows, that leaves me with abt 70+ to keep all my junk. And with all the trigger-happy moments on the camera and my music.. it’s getting awfully cramped.. heh. So I figured I’d just get me a new harddisk, then I can pull this one out and get a storage case for it.. then walaa! External portable harddisk.. good stuff. Nothing wasted. =)

Next was the peek into the expansion ram slot to see what ram I’m using.. cos I’m honestly thinking of a ram upgrade. The 1Gb of ram is more than enough on an XP box, but with the prices falling so cheap, it’s tempting to just pay 40bucks and get 2Gb of ram.. hah.

Then it didn’t stop there, since a typical notebook has 2 ram slots, one being the expansion slot and the other being more inaccessible, I attempted to find it. Since if I were to get a 2Gb stick, I’d probably just want to use it by itself, rather than pairing it with a 512 stick.. computing students! Will it make any diff if I do that? Will performance drop if I hook up a 2Gb stick with a 512 stick? Let me know! =)

Requiring access to the other slot needs me to remove the keyboard.. which I was abit edgy abt.. but all’s good. Managed to get it out and it gave me a good excuse to give my keyboard a GOOD cleaning too.. =) the amount of stuff that falls out.. AMAZING. Hah.. *eww*

Then comes the ultimate grumpy part which probably inspired the title of this post.. while cleaning up the dust that’s collected around all the crevices.. I decided to clean up the speakers.. since there’s like a tonne of dust on the diaphragm.. and long story short, the sponge layer around my Harmon/Kardon speakers decided to disintegrate.. probably with the humidity and age.. and so, some of the sponge got wiped off, now I get a really crappy sound coming out of the right speaker. All highs, with almost no mids and no bass.. sickening.. that just totally wrecked an almost perfect day.

Tried to find replacements off the net, but those that sell it do so at like £20 before shipping.. crazy la! Maybe and hopefully simlim would have a better and cheaper alternative.. so much for trying to ‘take care’ of my speakers all these years..

So anyway, maybe it IS time to get me a 2.1 speaker system for my room after all.. oh wells. Baahh..

..well, at least there was something to cheer me up at the end of the day..


BTG said...

You didn't get a 2.1 during the recent IT fair? *gasp*

patched-up said...

bummer.. yah, if this had happened earlier, i would have. not on the priority la. no income yet, cannot spend like i do.