Saturday, June 20, 2009


Went for an excursion yesterday.. Visited the Science Centre! Hah.. felt like a kid all over again..

I have to say, though, that quite abit has changed.. I half-expected to see the decade old displays and what-nots still standing around, but there’s actually quite abit of new things.. granted that I’ve not been there in perhaps more than a decade..

There were still the typical ‘familiar’ science exhibits, like the huge container of saga seeds and the huge tank of water creating a vortex.. but there were pleasant new surprises too.. there’s some HUGE Tesla coil thing, and there even was some lightning display and some Laser setup, which unfortunately wasn’t in operation. Bummer..

But still, I felt like a kid all over again.. ooh-ing and ah-ing at everything I saw.. from the huge larger-than-life exhibits at the Atrium to the plasma arcs of the Jacob’s Ladder.. My heaven.. =) heh. Thanks dar for the trip. Enjoyed myself through and through.. =)

Let’s do it again sometime. Heh.. =)

nope, didn’t go to the DaVinci exhibit.. just the science gallery. Contended enough.. =)

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