Saturday, June 13, 2009

Week Update

Ok, boring title.. anyway, decided that it’s been quite a loong while since I last updated my blog.. abit of cobwebs collecting around the corners..

Right, so anyway, event #1, I went for a medical checkup.. nothing much. Typical, hearing test, eye test, dental x-ray, chest x-ray, ECG and drew blood. This fella who drew the blood did it awfully well. I vaguely recall drawing blood for my ORD FFI previously in the army and that was abit sickening, this one didn’t hurt at all, couldn’t really feel anything for that matter.. 2 test tubes, and 1 small vial. All’s good.. all’s good. =)

Next, there was the hike/camp stunt that I decided to pull with joel.. so much for trying to re-induct abit of field endurance into us, we went in, had dinner which was awesome.. roasted chicken, bbq prawns.. =) and then decided to head out all the way out to get nice chilled drinks from the petrol kiosk.. and even met siwei to have prata! Hah.. wat nonsense right? Managed to find some checkpoints and snooped around quite abit.. interesting side that I never really ventured to before.. and of course, a dreadful reminder that topo skills will degenerate when it’s been stashed aside for 3 years.. sad.

And then, there’s the PC show.. SO MANY THINGS.. SO LITTLE CASH. Haha.. sad. All the new toys at an arm’s length away, but can own none of them.. anyway, dar got a new notebook finally.. a Toshiba! Hah.. welcome to the Toshiba club dear! =) quite a remarkable deal.. free ram upgrade, free antivirus, a choice of extended warranty or a canon AIO printer, and a choice of MS office (3 users) or a 19” LCD monitor + usb keyboard package.. quite cool.. she got herself a monster too! 640gb ext harddisk for a hundred bucks.. good stuff.

Then there was the meeting with clarence.. good to meet up with him after almost a year. Gonna get promoted this july.. splendid.. super happy for him.. just have to pray for his health now and for God to grant him some peace amidst all that’s going on.. hasn’t been getting much sleep since the incident..

Ok, super chyong hae.. even I am bored writing this.. later.


Gabriel Wu said...

Drawing blood??? Boy do I miss doing that! :D

patched-up said...

?!? goodness..