Friday, June 5, 2009

Fishless @ Labrador

Went fishing earlier this week at Labrador.. in case u didn’t know, it’s got a pretty good jetty that sticks out and it’s probably not as crowded as the Bedok Jetty.. as mentioned here in my prev post, it’ll prob make a good place to go fishing..

So anyway, along with us, there were others around who were waiting in hope of getting some fishes, but apparently none of us caught anything.. except for this little kid who caught himself some mickey mouse fishes.. other than that, nothing at all..

Quite a disappointing trip I’d say.. but at least the weather was abit better than the previous trip, so if I force myself to be positive, I actually did manage to catch a few sunset shots which I didn’t the last time..

after all the fruitless attempts to fish/crab around singapore, I think there’s not much hope for ever fishing anything here.. so the next time I want to fish, I’ll probably drop by one of those pay-ponds.. maybe go prawning or something.. sad.. sad but factual.

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