Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Yup, that’s the first thought that comes to mind when I see/hear the word ‘Labrador’.. but apparently I didn’t see any such furballs on this trip. The history behind Labrador Park’s quite amazing too.. with it’s sheer cliffs and awesome vantage points, it was used by the British to their advantage while trying to defend us.. setting huge guns and search lights that pointed out to sea. But at the end, they didn’t really get to use it cos, as we all have learnt, the attack came from up north..

Anyway, so the story goes that Vincent organized a trip to Labrador park in a bit to catch some sunset pictures.. I got the invite from Alvin and since it’s been such a long while (if ever) since I went out just to take pictures, I figured it’d be fun..

Weather wise, it was good but not the best.. for one it didn’t rain, but there was this huge potong pasir cloud that was just blocking half the sky and it didn’t want to budge.. so eventually the sun set and the pictures weren’t too pretty.. ended up taking some shots at night too.. which reminds me, I ought to go back to changi since some pretty good shots came out of there.. read abt it here. =)

alright, so the stitching software isn't as clever after all, look closely and u'll see some anomalies on the jetty.. darn.

night shots! =) I'm beginning to like these.. it's really a play with the lights..

Yes, by the looks of it, it seems I have a thing or two with the lamp-posts.. HAH.. my fascination with lights.. =P

All in, it’s a lovely place I’d say, nice and quiet, perhaps cos it’s so out-of-the-way.. it’s a pity they close the jetty at 8pm, else it’ll make the perfect spot to go fishing.. the jetty’s a long way out and there’s very little ppl there. Heck! There’s even a washing point (fully equipped with a tap) on the jetty!

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