Sunday, May 10, 2009


get it? Printer + Pictures? Ok, so that’s another bad attempt to create a word. ANYWAY..

Finally started with toying around with my printer (this one).. being flu-bugged and all, I’m quite thankful I got to stay home and rest yesterday and today.. come to think of it.. it’s actually one of the first few days that I have all to myself since the exams ended.. =) the feeling’s quite nice..

So anyway, the first pictures printed out didn’t seem right altogether, with the colours not exactly matching what I see on-screen.. so being the typical me, I figured that I should just print the same picture (smaller version) 4 times on one piece of 4r paper.. that way I can vary the settings in a more economical way and find out which one works..

Long story short, I eventually started to like the mini pictures.. each little picture came out as roughly 5 x 6.5cm, so it’s really cute. And since it’s so small, I can actually have loads of these for the same amount of paper/ink.. and cos it’s tinier overall, I can afford to put up pictures on the wall at my table.. so I don’t have to stare at a blank wall when I’m sitting here at my desk.. =)


and yes, I finally got down to moving my photo montage thing from my hostel (read abt my supercalifragilisticexpialidocious post here) to a nice new location in my room.. seems like there’s also some extra space, so I can afford to squeeze more pictures in.. =)

it's finally moved.. wheeee.. =)

and before I forget, here’s a shoutout to every mum out there.. Happy Mother’s Day.. =)

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