Sunday, May 3, 2009


So it’s finally May.. and I’m actually quite appalled by the number of posts I made for April.. 12! That’s an average of 3 a week.. and yes, April happens to be my exam month too.. so again, I’ll re-iterate that the number of posts I make is directly proportional and a clear indication of how busy I am.. hah. Talk abt Avoidance Tendencies.. =P

So back to the topic, it’s finally May, before I realized, the exams are over and my FYP presentations are just next week. Right after that, I’ll pretty much be done, which leaves me with the next phase in life.. WORK.. hah. Don’t think I’m honestly ready for that part yet, except for the no-homework part.. haha. =)

Anyway, let’s talk abt happy things..

Happy thing #1, I’ve got me a new printer for 80 bucks. An all-in-one from canon. Managed to convince daddy that he don’t need a fax, that most things can be scanned and just emailed nowadays.. easier to archive things with email too.. so I’d say it’s quite a steal. Got the deal from from this guy who stays at the same block as granny.. talk abt coincidence.. =)

that's my new printer.. Canon's MP145.

And the nice part is that it can print pictures too! Tried printing a couple of photos and it was quite good, but the colours didn’t exactly match what I see on-screen.. getting my monitor calibrated would be a totally new ball game altogether which I shall not even think of.. hah.

So all I need now is just some photo papers and some ink refill and I’m good to go.. heard that there are some pretty good feedback abt SingInk.. so I might just give it a shot.. =)

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