Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Twip - Part V; My Ride

Decided to post a quickie about the trip. Hah.. so before I start talking more about the twip, what with visits to the wineries and fish & chips places.. I figure I should talk abt my mode of transport..

that's her! a toyota axio..

rented this fella from Avis at the airport.. quite fuss free and since it’s at the airport, it’s quite convenient. Go through the customs, pick up the car, and you’re ready to drive off.. or in my case, tail behind joel’s car back to the house at duncraig.. lovely roads by the way.

So anyway, just thot it deserves a mention, since it’s like probably THE only mode of transport there.. it’s one thing to live in Singapore and know that you can take the bus/train to just abt anywhere.. the traveling time’s a bitch and you’ll probably spend a third of your life waiting for the buses in Singapore, but at least there’s a bus service to get you there.. (and no, just cos I said that, doesn’t mean I like sbs transit any better)

In the suburbs, like where the duncraig house was, there isn’t any buses of sorts.. or at least none that I would be interested in taking.. it’s not the city, so to have to take the public transport to 1)go to joel’s church, 2)go see the touristy places, 3) just get around, would probably be madness..

So anyway, my only qualms abt it would be that since I’m below 25 (November, darn!), there’s some extra surcharge of 25 bucks per day, while the basic rental is only 50.. sickening. Other than that.. it’s a good ride, feels and looks like a new car and a lovely place to drive.. =)

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