Thursday, April 2, 2009


It’s april! That’s fast.. whatever happened to the past 12 weeks that went by just like that. Hah..

Well, quick updates:

Found an interesting software. WavePad Sound Editor.. was trying to edit this sound file and went to dig on the net.. apparently this one’s quite an idiot-proof software. Easy to use, has loads of features and the best part, it’s free. Quite amazing.. you can pay and get some extended version but really, the features in this free version’s quite solid already.. so I’m happy with it. You can go google for it, or just get it here.

easy, simple to use and free!

Are you a listener of Class 95? I am.. or rather, I was. Used to be quite happy with the fact that I can stream it right to my comp.. so I can listen to it while at my work.. don’t need another device to listen to the radio.

But apparently, all good things come to an end at some point in time.. MediaCorp apparently has some legal issues (cos they’ll have to pay more copyright fees to stream their shows online) and so they’ve decided, until further notice, that they will stop all streaming services. Bummer..

So while looking around the net for something else to listen to, I tried my luck to find Coast 97.3 which entertained me while driving around in perth.. nice and soothing rock, my kind of music. But nope, couldn’t find it either.. bummer.

yes, I’m still missing perth.. =(

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