Saturday, April 11, 2009

D-3 Day

3 days to the first paper.. it’s that feeling as the tension mounts again. And once it comes, it’ll prob be a head-long dive all the way till it ends.. this though, I’m not really looking forward to the end. What the heck, ANYWAY..

Don’t feel like touching my books for now so thot I’ll blog abt something/anything/everything.. got me a few pictures of my furballs sleeping.. somehow, they look awfully blissful when they’re sleeping. Lucky chaps, eat sleep yawn, repeat.

Omelette and Hamlette..

sweet slumber.. =)

Latest earwax: U2’s One. Heard it at Joel’s wedding dinner, this guy hannis played and sang it. Figured that every exam period should have a theme song, so this would probably be it for this final one. And speaking of him, off you go! Should be reaching in a couple of hours.. so fun. I also wanna go. Have a good trip and a great time bro.. Bon Voyage! HOOAH.

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