Thursday, April 16, 2009


It’s the halfway mark! 2 down and 2 to go.. somehow, this semester seems to be lacking the juice for that final push. Hah.. lethargy totally sets in. I’m so looking forward to the end of my exams EVER, but yet I’m dreading to actually have to go through the exams. Hah..

All in, I’m glad that 2 papers are over.. just 2 more to go! =)

Oh and I came across a picture of a lady bug thanks to kaiqi.. if you hadn’t known, I’m not one for bugs. Like SERIOUSLY, all sorts of bugs don’t go well with me.. but this one warrants some attention. It’s probably an exception to the whole bug thing.. quite a cute little fella.. it's still hideous (since it’s a bug, and yes, I'm biased), but it actually looks quite pretty.. how often do u see a bright yellow bug?

as you can tell, I really need a motivation to study..

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