Friday, April 10, 2009

The Twip - Part III; Life’s a Beach

Decided to have another update about the trip, since I’m pretty much missing the place again.. =) Well, apparently I wasn’t too aware of perth and it’s beautiful beaches.. when you mention beaches in Australia, usually the names that come to my mind would be Gold Coast and the likes.. abit suah koo of me I know, but that’s abt all I know.. so it seems that perth’s actually quite famous for their beaches and just a short drive away from our house at duncraig, there’s a really nice stretch of beach.. just at the west end of the Whitford exit.

Mullaloo Beach. Funny name, but really really nice beach. It’s probably quite typical of any of the beaches in perth.. but for a Singaporean who’s pretty much stuck on mainland.. such a beach is really quite something.

Unlike our artificial, man-made siloso beach, these are au naturel. The soft, white sand isn’t ‘imported’ from elsewhere, refined and then dumped along a beach to make it look impressive.. it’s just the way it is.. the water’s also a nice crisp green.. that’s so clear and inviting.. something somewhat different from what I’m used to.. pity we didn't plan to visit a beach beforehand else I’d have brought my beach gear along..

footprints.. =)

And yes, I found out there were topless beaches in perth too.. albeit abit too late. *darn*

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