Saturday, April 25, 2009


Went for Wenny’s baby Kayla’s one-month-old party thing earlier.. cute little meatloaf.. and there were so many kids there.. figures that a baby’s one-month gathering is just an excuse for every other friend to bring his own kid along.. haha..

Baby Kayla!

The weather these 2 weeks has been crazy.. it’s so ridiculously warm. 29deg in the night is just madness.. and apparently I’m not the only one complaining.. even my hamsters seem to be doing weird things..

that’s hamlette sleeping on her porcelain food-hut. Took a while, but I figured that the porcelain’s probably cooler and it explains why she’s lying on it. poor girl.. crazy weather!

Was just checking out some website and the weather’s nice and cool in perth. 21deg in the day and at night, it’s now 17deg.. far cry from what we’re experiencing now.. how envious.. haha.

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