Monday, March 30, 2009

-Insert Interesting Title here-

ok, once again, I think I should re-iterate that the number of posts for that month will be in a startling congruence with the workload and amt of stress I feel.. hah. And so the title of this post would be somewhat of a reflection of the lack (or drainage) of creative juices..


I finally got down to getting my furballs a nicer place this weekend.. got Omelette a wheel, though she doesn’t really use it.. and Hamlette a house.. so now I won’t be so worried about my furballs getting out of shape.. even though Omelette’s like dead lazy.. I woke up on Sunday morning and saw her running on the wheel.. haha.. good girl. At least she’s TRYING.. and now Hamlette won’t be so restless with the wheel in there..

All that’s left now is just to make sure daddy don’t over feed them.. which happens to be the hard part. Hah..

above: wheels for everyone!!
below: finally got me a shot of Omelette.. and what else.. of her at her best.. heh.

Moving on, went to City Music on Friday and got me some strings before settling joel’s dinner thing this weekend.. City Music’s having an anniversary sale! 20%.. Hah. And they’re even giving away free picks.. Quite ridiculous.. I paid 4 bucks for a 5 dollar packet of strings and even got 3 free picks. Hah.. quite cool.. now I’m tempted to get like a box of 10 packets.. saves me the trouble of going to buy them each time I wanna change. Hah..

the pick on top glows in the dark!!

and today, I’m reminded of how close the exams are. Gosh.. it’s coming round the corner.. and I’m still here blogging?!? Hah.. well done alvin..

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