Monday, March 9, 2009

Hammie Update

Home Sweet Home..

Spent the bulk of last week up to my ears in my FYP report.. but also managed to squeeze some time off to make a new home for the furballs.. Got me an aquarium tank from across the road at 33 bucks.. then spent like God-knows how many hours, spread out over 2 days, trying to cut down a piece of acrylic I had, to use as a divider.. all that effort just to save 5 bucks.. hah.

Anyway, now they’ve got a new home, just right next to each other, and it’s more accessible to touch them both now.. just reach in and stroke them. =) all I need now is just to find some ingenious way to secure a wheel in there for them.. any ideas?

That's a closeup of hamlette.. i just realised that i haven't exactly got a good closeup of omelette.. she's prob camera shy.. haha, or just plain lazy. eat, sleep, eat, sleep, repeat.. haha..

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