Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Time off

Decided to take some time off from my report and unwind here abit.. for a start, it’s been quite an eventful past 2 days, by now you would probably have already heard abt the stabbing incident in NTU.

I’ve never met nor had any encounters with the student, and neither have I ever been taught by prof chan, but as much as there’s this distance in-between.. I’m still saddened by the whole incident. Today’s papers reported that he recently lost his scholarship; abt 2 weeks ago and the whole thing might have just started spiraling down from there. It's sad when you think about how much he must have been going through, and keeping all that to himself. My deepest condolences to the family and loved ones of David.

I’m never one to really do exceedingly well at school. All my grades, good and bad, have all been a blessing, so I’m learning to count them. Keeping that in mind, perhaps that’s the reason why I never really took up the SAF scholarship in the past. Maybe it was His way of protecting me, to keep me sane and the pressure levels in check, even when my grades start going southwards.. ANYHOW, I’m sure there can be something to be learnt from this whole episode of me trying to find a job..

Well, on a lighter note, think I’ll put up the pictures of the chicken I had with Joel earlier this year while hiking.. and speaking of which, I didn’t realize I’ll be flying off so soon.. haha, Wedding Bells!!.. can’t wait, but right now, I just need to get done with my report. URGH.

Chicken soaked and marinated in honey.. roasted over an open fire.. GOOOOOD!! =)


Janan said...

November...When I get back...HOOAH!!

patched-up said...

will be looking forward to it! =)