Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Twip - Part II; Beautiful Day

.. when was the last time you woke up, looked out the window, smiled and thank God for the beautiful day? Well, I haven’t done that in a loong time.. in all the rush-rush of a typical S’pore student’s life, I’ve probably taken all that for granted for quite a while.

Arrived at perth slightly after midnight and even though everything was dark, it’s quite a welcome.. the air’s nice and cool and there’s a certain distinct scent in the air that reminds you you’re no longer in Singapore.. a typical ‘country’ scent.. a certain sweetness and refreshing freshness in the air greets you the moment you step out of the airport..

In the morning I’m awaken by Kevin at the patio of the house over at duncraig. The window was slightly opened so I could hear him and I woke to the words “Thank you Lord for making this wonderful day..”

Then it struck me that it’s actually been a while since I’ve taken time off to just enjoy what God created for his own pleasure.. so the next time you wake and look out of the window to see the beautiful day that lies ahead.. maybe you could take a second or two to just give thanks.. it does wonders to your mood and outlook for the rest of the day..

above: that’s the house that Joel kindly put us up in.. charmingly beautiful place.. a dreamhouse almost.. nice lovely kitchen, 2 halls, a patio (which is my fav part of the house) and a garage!! hah! my dream garage.. fits 2 cars and fully equipped with a work bench and all the tools! (refer to my wislist hah).. thanks to joel and steph for picking us up! =)
and that’s how dawn is like at the house.. how can anyone go to perth and simply not fall in love with it..

Coming back home.. it’s definitely changed some things in me.. for one, I’m probably a little more conscious of the little things I take for granted.. and I’m thankful for the timely reminder that there’s really more to life then just books and assignments.. =)

So remember.. do keep an eye out of the little things in life that pass you by.. from that little kid smiling at you in the MRT to the lovely blue sky overhead and be blessed by it. =)

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