Thursday, March 19, 2009


Ok, so that was a lousy attempt at making up a word.. anyway.. while sorting out the pictures from perth.. I was looking through some of the panorama pictures I tried to take last time and then painfully stitch them together using my antique Photoshop 5. hah..

Then after digging through and shaking the net, a whiff of wisdom came and I decided to ask dear Jon.. who’s everything in a photographer that I’d want to be but probably never will.. =) kudos to him for reminding me that the CD that came with my humble Canon Powershot has a stitching software in it..

And true to its word.. it’s totally idiot proof.. like SERIOUSLY. It’s amazing they actually give this program free.. I’ve sieved through sourceforge to get opensource stuff but the ‘better’ ones were grotesquely complicated..

Canon’s PhotoStitch was surprisingly idiot proof with a Capital I. So I decided to toy around with it.. and it’s amazing what used to take me almost an hour can now be done with a click of a button.. and with much better results at that..

randomly shot at the view outside my room.. didn’t want to load any perth pictures just yet.. =) all stitched together in under 15 seconds.

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